Udruga za razvoj medicinskog turizma


2. Conference on medical tourism - with international participation


MEDICAL TOURISM – A way to increase competitiveness of the Croatian tourism product

Conference goals

●  Getting to know the global phenomenon of medical tourism
●  Presenting potential of the Croatian medical tourism on the international market
●  Demonstrating how to implement medical tourism services into the existing medical facilities
●  Connecting providers of medical tourism services with the international insurance companies and medical tourism agencies

Preliminary Conference Program

25th of April 2010, Sunday
19.00 Welcome cocktail

26th of April 2010, Monday
09.00 – 09.30 Opening ceremony of the Conference
09.30 – 14.00 I. TOPIC

 Elements of the strategy of medical tourism development in Croatia – multidisciplinary approach
Chairmen: Mato Bartoluci, Miljenko Bura, Damir Novotny
15:00 - 20:50prof. dr.sc. Mato Bartoluci, Ekon. Fakultet Zagreb - Katedra za turizam
Managing of medical tourism development in Croatia
09.55 – 10.20mr. sc. Damir Novotny, T&MC Group
Medical tourism and economic growth – assumptions and obstacles
10.20 – 10.45prim. Ivan Bačić, Daruvarske Toplice, Daruvar
Medical and tourism development – Perspective of the continental tourism
10.45 – 11.10prof. dr. sc. Slavko Kulić, Ekonomski Institut, Zagreb
Phenomenology of tourism, Adriatic destination and health
11.10 – 11.30Coffee break
11.30 – 11.55dr. sc. Eduard Kušen, Institut za turizam, Zagreb
Organized maritime health tourism destination
11.55 – 12.20prof. dr. sc. Milena Peršić, Sveučilište u Rijeci – Fakultet za turistički i hotelski menadžment
Touristic destination in the strategy of medical tourism development in Croatia
12.20 – 12.45doc. dr. sc. Zdravko Špirić,dipl.ing.; Oikon – Institut za primjenjenu ekologiju, Zagreb
Environmental and health safety – stimulus of medical tourism development
12.45 – 13.10doc. dr. sc. Miljenko Bura, Udruga za razvoj medicinskog turizma
Multidisciplinary approach in education of management in medical tourism
13.10 – 13.35Andrija Stojanović Basler osiguranje Zagreb
Professional and legal requirements for responsibility of health workers
13.35 – 14.00Discussion
14.00 – 15.00Lunch
15.00 – 15.30Tourist – medical offer of Opatija - Thalassotherapia Opatija
15.00 – 19.00 II. TOPIC - International experience

 Different aspects of medical tourism implementation in touristic offer of Croatia
Chairmen: Keith Pollard; Uwe Klein; Katarina Sekelj Kauzlarić
15.30 – 15.55Keith Pollard, Treatment Abroad, London
A global view of medical tourism
15.55 – 16.20Uwe Klein, Hippokratia E.V.
The role of non-profit patient services for the future of medical travel
16.20 – 16.45Rudy Rupak, Planet Hospital, USA
The road to success in medical tourism
16.45 – 17.10Laurence Vick, Michelmores LLP, Exeter
Legal issues in medical tourism
17.10 – 17.35Zahid Hamid, Euromedical Tours, London
Preparing for Cross Border Healthcare in the EU
17.35 – 18.00Claudia Mika, Temos International, Köln
The role of accreditation in medical tourism
18.00 – 18.25Rudy Rupak, Planet Hospital, USA
Healthcare reform in USA and its effect on Medical Tourism
20.00Gala dinner (sponsored by the City of Opatija)
27th of April 2010, Tuesday

9.00 – 11.30 III. TOPIC

 Law regulations necessary for medical tourism development - Law of health in tourism, Round table (participants are representatives of the Ministry and professional chambers)
11.30 – 12.00Coffe break
12.00 – 16.00 IV. TOPIC
                       Medical tourism and the prolongation of touristic season

                       Room 1
                       a) Organized offer of dental tourism
                           Chairmen: Keith Pollard, Renata Gržić, Željko Miljanić

12.00 – 12.25prof. dr. sc. Ivone Uhač, spec. Stomatološke protetike
Esthetic fixed prosthodontics
12.25 – 12.50doc. dr. sc. Zoran Kovač, spec. Stom. Prot.
Implant therapy
12.50 – 13.15prof. dr. sc .Renata Gržić, spec. Stom. Prot.
How to educate modern doctor of dental medicine
13.15 – 14.00Break
14.00 – 16.00ROUND TABLE: Perspectives of organized development and the marketing of dental tourism
Participants: Keith Pollard, Rudy Rupak; Claudia Mika, Renata Gržić; Željko Miljanić, Šime Živković
  Keith Pollard, Treatment Abroad, London - The needs and expectations of the UK dental tourist
Rudy Rupak, Planet Hospital, USA - Dental tourism
Claudia Mika, Temos International, Köln - The role of accreditation in dental tourism
                       Room 2
                       a) Medical services for prolonged stay of elderly tourists
                           Chairmen: Tatjana Kehler, Silva Potrebica

12.00 – 12.25mr. sc. Nada Tomasović Mrčela, dr. sc. Vladimir Mrčela, Adriainvest - Hotel Adria
Hotel Adria - Health tourism programs
12.25 – 12.50Marijan Gjukić, Pro Kontakt Health Advisory GMbH, Wels, Austrija
Austrian senior resources in medicinal tourism
                       b) Medical wellness – real possibility for prolongation of the touristic season
12.50 – 13.15doc.dr.sc. Tatjana Kehler, Thalassotherapia Opatija
Medical wellness as the part of physical therapy or just the part of touristic service?
13.15 – 13.40Jelica Popić, dr. med : Učilište Lovran Spa Wellness Akademija
“What is medical wellness?”
13.40 – 14.05Mirjana Grubišić, Predsjednica Hrvatske komore fizioterapetua
The role of physical therapy in medical tourism development in Croatia
14.05 – 14.30Jelica Popić, dr.med., Učilište Lovran Spa Wellness Akademija
Coaching and psychophysical health
14.30 – 14.55dr. Meri Bura, Mulier, Zagreb
Medicine and wellness, healthy decision
14.55 – 15.20Trešnja Šarčević, Tara Centar, Zagreb
Massage therapy
15,20 – 16.00Discussion


Exhibition will be organized during the Conference. We invite all interested exhibitors of medical and dental equipment to contact the organizer of the Conference to ensure the exhibition place.

Long - term Conference focus

To establish a tradition of international annually meeting of experts in medical turism with the purpose of continuous exchange of expertise and experience and to improve the Croatian tourist product.

Who is this Conference intended for?

Healthcare institutions in private and public sectors, entrepreneurs in health care, travel agencies, hotel managers, marketing agencies, investors, etc.
We expect turnout of the response of foreign organizations and investors in the medical tourism! Take advantage of this opportunity to contact with potential future business partners!

Official conference languages

Croatian & English (All presentations will be covered with simultaneously translation)

Registration fee

Registration fee until 01. 04. 2010. from 02. 04. until 14. 04. 2010. after 15. 04. 2010.
For non-members of the Association 208,00 eur 280,00 eur 348,00 eur
For members of the Association 140,00 eur 200,00 eur 260,00 eur

Registration fee includes:

●  attendance at all the lectures,
●  accompanying exhibition,
●  welcome cocktail 25 April,
●  coffee breaks,
●  working lunch 26 April,
●  gala dinner 26 April,
●  conference bag with materials

Registration is ending with 16th of April 2010. After that date, it is possible to register on site.


The Conference participants may choose from a wide range of rooms at the Milenij hotels Milenij 5* and Milenij Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta 4* For more information please visit: www.milenijhoteli.hr
Prices at the Hotels for half-board accommodation are the following:

Hotel Milenij Milenij hotel Milenij:
●  85,00 eur per person and per day in a double bedroom
●  106,00 eur per person and per day in a single bedroom

Milenij grand hotel 4 Opatijska cvijeta:
●  68,00 eur per person and per day in a double bedroom
●  93,00 eur per person and per day in a single bedroom

Above stated prices include the tourist tax.

To book the hotel room, please fill in the online registration form available on the web page and mail to info@milenjhoteli.hr ending with 31st of March 2010; After that day, the booking of accommodation is on request.

Applications for participation, exhibition and advertising

Penta d.o.o.
Andrije Hebranga 20
10 000 Zagreb
Contact person: Ana Jurašić
e-mail: a.jurasic@penta-zagreb.hr
Phone: +3851 462 86 15; +3851 455 32 90

How to register

Please contact conference organizer Penta; e-mail: a.jurasic@penta-zagreb.hr


All payment fees are made upon invoice sent by conference organizer Penta to the account stated on the invoice.


You will receive a confirmation letter and invoice of payment by e-mail.

How to make hotel reservation

Hotel reservation is done directly to Hotel Milenij: info@milenijhoteli.hr

Cancelling reservation

Registration cancellation can be made only in written form and the following cancellation conditions will appear:
●  Until 16th of April: full refund minus administrative fee of eur 15,00
●  From 16th of April: no refund

Cancelling hotel accommodation
In case of cancellation or changes to reservation, same must be made within 48 hours prior to arrival. Otherwise, for stays up to 3 nights, you will be charged for 1 night stay. For stays over 3 nights, you will be charged for 3 nights stay.

All refunds will be made after of the Conference.

Under auspicies of:

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of RH
Ministry of Tourism of RH
Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship of RH
Croatian Dental Chamber
Croatian Medical Chamber
Croatian Physioterapeutic Chamber

Tehnical organizer

Penta d.o.o.

Organizing Committee

Ass. Prof. Miljenko Bura - President
Prim.dr. Ivan Bačić,
Emil Bratović,dipl. iur
Prof. dr. sc. Mato Bartoluci
Dr. Meri Bura,
Dr.sc. Miroslav Dragičević,
Prim. dr. sc. Goran Ivanišević,
Mr.sc. Damir Novotny,
Doc.dr.sc. Zdravko Špirić

Croatian Dental Chamber Hrvatska Stomatoloska Komora

City of Opatija Grad Opatija

Tourist Board of Opatija Turisticka Zajednica Opatija

Thalassotherapia Opatija Thalassotherapia Opatija

Horwath Horwath

Adriainvest Adriainvest

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